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Several dimensions of India-Japan cultural  ties historically shaped and reshaped by movement of people and goods via a multitude of inter-Asian sea and land routes have remained less researched. The Forum aims to unravel and document these relatively under-researched India-Japan historical ties through a series of lectures, seminars and publications. 

The forum has evolved from deliberation at an International Conference:  ‘India and Japan: Unearthing Lesser Known Historical and Cultural Linkages’, New Delhi, November 15-17, 2018 and subsequent publication of conference papers and their dissemination as an electronic book India-Japan Narratives: Lesser Known Historical and Cultural Interactions, edited by Sushila Narsimhan (MOSAI Publication 2021, ISBN No: 9 788195 255603)

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New Release, 2024:

Geographies of Exchange between India and Japan

(eds.) Sushila Narsimhan & Parul Bakshi


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Dr Ashok Jain,

President of the Mombusho Scholars’ Association of India (MOSAI) is a Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India and founding member of Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing.

deepa Gopalan Wadhwa

Ambassador Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa, President of India-Japan Friendship Forum, India, has served various countries as India’s Ambassador.


Dr. A. Damodaran is currently a Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India.


Dr. Timon Screech, an expert on the history of Edo Period, is currently a Professor in International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken), Kyoto, Japan.


Dr. Martha Chaiklin is a historian and independent curator, currently based in Maryland, USA.


Dr. Masumi Igarashi is a senior Assistant Professor at the Center for Liberal Arts and Language Education, Okayama University.

Dr. Sushila Narsimhan was formerly a Professor in the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi, India.


Parul Bakshi

Dr Parul Bakshi is a Research Fellow at FSR Global, a division of the Florence School of Regulation (FSR).


Manoj Sharma

Manoj Sharma is currently the General Manager of the Mombusho Scholars Association of India (MOSAI).

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