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5-6 pm IST

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Glimpses of Indian Culture: "Great Vegetarian Festival" by Miyazawa Kenji

Few authors of modern Japanese literature have taken themes from Indian society, culture and religion for some of their literary works, especially fiction. Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Mishima Yukio, Miyazawa Kenji, Endo Shusaku are some of them. Miyazawa Kenji’s “Great Vegetarian Festival” is a novelette, in which he not only defined and classified vegetarians into various categories but also describes a long and convincing debate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians in a scientific and realistic way. In my lecture, I will make a comparison of Kenji’s classification of vegetarians with the types of vegetarians found in Indian society.  

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Prof. P. A. George, retired professor of CJS, JNU, is an expert on Japanese Language and Modern Japanese Literature. He has done extensive research on Miyazawa Kenji and published several research papers in Japan and India. He also published several authored, edited and translated books in Japanese, English and Malayalam. He was visiting professor to many Japanese Universities and recipient of Miyazawa Kenji Shoreisho Award (2002), Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation (2016) and The Order of the Rising Sun (2024).


Ms. Alison Fincher is an independent researcher of Japanese literature in English translation. She runs the public scholarship website and podcast ‘Read Japanese Literature’ and has reviewed more than 50 works of Japanese fiction for the Asian Review of Books. Alison is an alumnus of Oxford University and lives in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

05:00   Welcome Remarks by Coordinator Dr. Ashok Jain

05:10   Introductory Remarks by the Chair Ms. Alison Fincher

05:15   Speaker’s Lecture Prof. P. A. George

05:40   Open Interaction

05:55   Closing Remarks Dr. Ashok Jain

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